Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians

Yam Yam Puzzle Guardians v2.0

Yam Yam Puzzle Guardians v2.0

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Life was happy and peaceful for the Lifelings of Yam Yam forest… Then one night the Darklings showed up. Fear spread and life got all messed up. Help the Lifelings to get home before nightfall. If you don’t… the Darklings will take them away!

Within the vibrant world of Yam Yam Forest players will utilise intuitive touch controls to flick different colour fruit at white flowers. When matched to the correct colour fruit the flowers grow and fill the gap in the path, allowing the adorable Lifeling characters to cross over and reach home. If they are left stranded, night comes and they will be taken away by the deplorable Darklings!

The twist with Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians is that your characters are always moving. The trajectories that you need in order to hit the targets are constantly changing. Combined with the colour mechanic, this makes for a very engaging and original game experience.

*New and original gameplay style.
*An original game world and characters.
*Easy to pick up and play. Hard to master.
*Plenty of repeat play value.
*Power-up with rainbow berries!
*A ‘Master Shot’ on every level – can you get them all?
*Use speed-up mode for bonus points!


Online Comments & Reviews

“With so many similar sports simulators, physics puzzlers and adventure games being released for mobile recently,  it’s rather unusual for a game to be released that doesn’t fit cleanly into the typical range of genres. Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians by Honey Tribe Studios  is one such game.” – Christian Leed, Indie Game Mag


Shaz Yousaf: Design, programming & audio

Freddie Fosh: Art & animation

Marcin Makaj: Additional programming

Alex Nasrallah: Physics and maths advice

Testing and feedback:

Adil Karim, Ahmed Zaman, Alex, Nasrallah, Ali Zahir, Bart Lawless, Brian Hallmond, Darren Grey, Diane Close, Eric Pankoke, Guy Kogus, Henry Hoffman, Izam, Ian Hamilton, Imran Majid, John Ribbins, Jonathan Francois, Jon Hamblin, Ken Wong, Lucy Stylianou, Ludwig Heigden, Mehul Mandania, Nadir, Husain, Olly Dibben, Oscar Clark, Paul Mcraelind, Ricky Haggett, Rajiv Patel, Robin Baumgarten, Roosey Sheth, Roy Sadaka, Sasha Kuo, Simon Waserman, Sney Noorani, Tak Fung, Tim Keenan.

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