Santa Rama: Christmas Mania

SantaRama: Christmas Mania

SantaRama: Christmas Mania

SantaRama: Christmas Mania

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The kids have been hypnotized by Santa’s ads! Only you can save them! Tap them to distract them and set them free.

Use the power of reading and the power of activities to save as many as you can. Don’t let Salesman Santa brainwash them with his slogans.

But if something goes wrong and one falls into the ad… at least you’ll have a funny meme to share with your friends.

Comments & Reviews:

“The game has made me laugh a few times in the time I have had with it… The game play is simple but addictive… worth a look if you are looking for something festive but different to play this Christmas” – Sean Davis, HeyUGuysGaming

“I enjoyed playing this game. The most important message in this game is how sensitive kids are to the messages in advertisements and how we as adults respond to them. The memes are pretty funny and are about how a child’s mind responds to the ads, and there’s an eerie truth to them.” – Katy Zane, AppAdvice, Quirky App of the Day

“Honey Tribe Studios has an interesting way of making social commentary… and while it may not be a message you want to hear it’s sadly true… the quirky theme, cool music and funny cartoons will keep you sufficiently entertained.” – Eric Pankoke, TouchMyApps

“Santa ensnares children in his ads in this satirical look at materialism and Christmas.” – Stephen Daly, Gamemoir

“This commical [sic] arcade game shares an alternative Christmas message, which the developer Honey Tribe Studios have a history of using social or environmental messages within their games.”  – Trai, WiiPlayXbox


Shaz Yousaf: Design, Programming & Audio.

Joshua Condison: Art & Animation.


Make Your own Comedy Meme:

If you’re amused by the comedy memes that appear on the game over screen you might enjoy making your own. Just download the templates below and add your own text!

meme template
meme template 2


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    Nice game and thanks for the video ,very funny.

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