McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom

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Money. Or freedom. What is more important to you?

The people, rich and poor alike, all bow down to the mighty McBank. They buy from McBank and they work for McBank. They live for McBank.

They are controlled by McBank.

But perhaps there is another option? A different way of doing things. A new balance to be struck.

You decide.


About McBank

McBank is a game that uses humour and gameplay to criticise some of the negative aspects of modern life. Specifically, how wealth and power is massively uneven in distribution. i.e a tiny amount of people control the majority of the money. Yet the majority of the people continue to support those with the power.

At the heart of it is a solid puzzle game that feels like an adventure game. It’s a cross between gaming and social commentary.

It is designed to encourage thought but not to tell the player what to think. The player can make different choices in the game and there are 5 different endings.

Online Reviews, Articles and Comments

“This is a very interesting and challenging puzzle game. ..Fans of puzzle games will love how challenging these brainteasers are. The game is free to download. The developers have chosen not to include ads or offer in-app purchases. They have, instead made a donation feature available where you can show your support. Download it today. It will make your brain tingle”★★★★ Lory Gil, AppAdvice

“Every now and again, something will come along and take an item, concept, etc, that we are familiar with and do something really interesting with it…Such is the case with McBank…Coupled with strange, unsettling art, McBank is a game that will keep you coming back, not just for the gameplay, but to see where its strangeness will lead.” Android App of the Week – Michelle Starr CNET Australia

“Indie title McBank challenges the social order” – Aaron Lee, Develop Magazine

“Buy this game if you think your iOS library could use more references to Orwell’s 1984.” – Andrew Podolsky, Slide to Play.

“Strange art, unsettling music, challenging puzzles, unique social commentary. McBank the game.” – Occupy London

“An interesting premise coupled with an arresting visual leitmotif from a developer with a history of creating thought-provoking games” – Mark Seymour, BeefJack

“Very cool…. – The art style reminds me of “The Wall” and has that bleak dystopian vibe to it. It has a simple puzzle mechanic that will really twist your brain. Definitely one of the most unique games out there, it will surprise you in it’s depth and satire. Check it out and give the devs some major props for their inventiveness and willingness to try something a little more cerebral.” – Mr Mental ★★★★★ (App Store review)

“This game is the first of its kind that I know of and a real cerebral twister. Makes you think about something besides shooting or running or matching stuff….exercise for your morals and your intellect . Hope the devs keeps producing games like this. A welcome relief to all the endless repetitive and boring games that are so popular. This game is more my style. Thanks to the devs. Keep it up please!!!!!” – Lily Lil ★★★★★ (App Store review)

“An app for Orwell – A modern spin on the 1984 Big Brother, McBank is a dark parody of the controls present in today’s society. Great art work and musical atmosphere. Loved the “chose you own adventure” aspect of the narrative. And a really good puzzle idea. Awesome game (^-^)b ” – Bart Lawless ★★★★★ (App Store review)

“Challenging puzzle game with a bleary atmosphere and a unique message. Seriously check it out, it’s free and you won’t regret it.” – Floydian Spiral ★★★★★ (App Store review)


Shaz Yousaf: Concept, design, programming, audio.

Joshua Condison: Art

William Robinson: Puzzles

Testing: Oscar Clark, Jonathan Francois, Chloe Giusti, Louisa Husain, Nadir Husain, The Mysterious Izam, Bart Lawless, Paul Lind, Marcin Makaj, Mehul Mandania, Alex Nasrallah, Eric Pankoke, Rajiv Patel, Bill Pfeill, Jessel Sheth, Tom Smith, Ali Zahir.

Footsteps SFX by FreqMan


  1. Ryan rumple says:

    I think i would really enjoy this game… But i cant get past the start screen. The video intro or the enter button just make nothing load. If possible could you trouble shoot it for me. Thanks

    • Honey Tribe Studios says:

      Hi, yes the last update gave some crash issues for iPhones unfortunately. I’m making another update which should fix it. Hopefully that will be out in about 2 weeks.

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