Global Game Jam 2014: And Then You Die

Global Game Jam 2014: And Then You Die

Global Game Jam 2014: And Then You Die

Another Global Game Jam, another 48 hours to make a game from scratch!

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I was part of a 6 person team this year and we made a comical story builder game called ‘And Then You Die’. My role was co-design, writing and audio. Once again I made a dynamic soundtrack that has different elements fading in and out depending on the choices the player makes.


Your experience of life happens inside your brain. A subtle change in mood and now your perception of the world has changed. The same situation can be understood and dealt with in different ways depending on your emotive state of mind. You will encounter different life events and must decide which mood to approach them with. Choose your emotions wisely. The kind of situations you find yourself in will all depend on your previous frame of mind.

Game Instructions:

Mouse control.

You are dealt 3 mood cards.

You are presented with a life event.

Drag a mood card over to the box and see the result.

Press next.


Construct your life story.

And then you die.



Thomas Kiley: Programming & design

Pierluigi Vicinanza: Programming & design

Vasco De Mello: Art, writing & design

Douglas Tarasconi: Art & design

Alex Gregory: Art, writing & design

Shaz Yousaf: Audio, writing & design.

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