BFF Or Die: Makes you feel good about your teammates

Update 006: Radius Festival

20th June 2014

I took BFF or Die to Radius Festival in London. The reaction from players was really good and I could see they wee having fun with it. People wee enjoying the collaborative aspect with a lot of talking and planning as they were confronted with each challenge. This build had the first puzzles in too so it was good to see different teams solving them in different ways. In the evening we had an interview and demo as part of the live stream which is what this video is. Philippa War and James Wood are playing. One of the control pads decided to stop working so Mike Bithell and Alan Zucconi just sat there and hugged instead.


Update 005: 4-player

7th May 2014

4-player mode is working! I took the game to MultiClash 2 and London Indies to test out 2, 3 and 4 player modes. It’s working out really well as a party game. I can see people are having a lot of fun playing as a team. There’s a great tension as each player relies on the others. Then when a level ends by either winning or losing there’s a very visible release of tension with either celebrations or amused commiserations.

Update 004: Character Preview

12th April 2014

Alex has been making sketches for our main characters. He made 34 different characters and we’ve now picked our favorite five. Here’s a preview of one of them. The full 3D model should be in the game soon!

Character Preview

Character Preview

Update 003: Ancient Eygpt

7th April 2014

We have some cool new art in. Now you get a real sense of Ancient Egypt, especially when you finish a level and the lights fade up.

We changed a bunch of stuff based on our design doc and on the feedback from MultiClash a couple weeks ago. Control pad support is in, controls are improved, buttons are simplified, there’s a new monster type and a new way of ending the level. Now the players need to meet and touch after the last key is collected. High five!

Update 002: MultiClash

27th March 2014

We took BFF or Die to a London Indies gaming event called MultiClash at Scenario Bar in London. It was great to see the response from players. We had them playing in two player mode and their level of communication and interaction with each other was excellent. The idea behind the multiplayer aspect of the game is to have people enjoy being a team and discussing strategy together. So it was nice to see that this is working out! 🙂

Also the first graphics are in the game! The levels you see in the second half of the video will be an ancient Egypt time period. More on how this ties into the story later…!

Update 001: Basic Gameplay

17th March 2014

Here you can see the basic gameplay. No graphics yet but they’ll come soon! In the video you see me playing in 1 player mode. I have to use both characters to find my way through the maze, get the keys without getting caught and then get to the exit alive.


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  1. tele says:

    – Instructions on how to compile thin inside Linux please.
    – I hope finish game will be also portable game like
    SuperTuxKart , Xonotic , and other games , and for example firefox.
    1. I don’t like looking dependencies inside many Linux distribution.
    2. I don’t like errors when dependencies have other version.

    If I will teest new version binary may not work for my PCLinuxOS because,
    we use old glibc, but when will update game should work.
    If I will try compile game, game should work also,
    however first I need know how I can compile game.

  2. Chris says:

    If you put this on Xbox One, I’ll buy it … Perfect to entice the wife into playing on the Xbox with me 😉

    • Honey Tribe Studios says:

      Glad to hear it 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get BFF or Die on all 3 consoles when it’s finished..!

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