BFF Or Die: Makes you feel good about your teammates

Update 0012: We won a thing..!

5th May 2015

Been very busy with BFF or Die lately. We took it to Insomnia Gaming Festival, i54 for 3 days and then the Gadget Show Live for 6 days. Player reactions were great and we made loads of nice video clips of people playing and then talking about the game. You can see them on the youtube channel. Shaz was also on the Live Game Stage doing a demo of the game, an interview and having audience members play. You can see that in vid below.

Also, as the title says, we won our first competition. There is a 5 month ‘History of Games’ exhibition called Game On 2.0 and 5 indie games were given the opportunity to be showcased there. BFF or Die won the multiplayer category! The judges were an industry panel so it’s really nice to see more people taking notice of our game. Here’s a quote from Chris Kingsley, CTO at UK studio Rebellion: “BFF or Die is just great fun, with compelling and rewarding multiplayer gameplay.” More details about Game On 2.0 are here.

Next update with the first character animations should be out later this month..!

Update 0011: Progress Update

4th March 2015

Things are going really well with development. We’ve been adding and changing a lot of things recently and are almost ready to release v0.1.9. Levels, graphics, story and UI have all been worked on as well as various fixes.

Now the core gameplay is very solid we’re moving onto other things. Below is a video showing how Alex has rigged one of our character models. The next step will be to add the character animations for running, waiting, pushing etc. Expect some slightly non traditional and instead comedic animations..!

The main challenge now is to find funding so we can actually finish the game we have planned. It’s a proper console style experience with a  full story we want to make so it’s going to take more time to make all the content and game modes. I recently contacted one person who might be able to help us with this. They asked what our final graphics would look like so we put together these mock  screenshots to give an indication of the direction we are heading with for the visuals.

Hopefully they will be enough, combined with the videos of player reactions and the demo, to convince them we have a very unique game that contributes very positively to the games industry in general. It’s a game that genuinely brings people together to enjoy spending time with each other, have fun figuring things out and then winning together. The level of communication that naturally occurs while people play is quite unusual for a video game.

BFF or Die concept art

BFF or Die concept art

On the subject of player reactions we’ve started telling youtubers about the game so they can play it on their channels. The first videos showed us some things we needed to fix so new players can understand everything. The latest videos are great though. We already knew people loved the gameplay from watching them play at game events. Of course, I was always there to explain if they didn’t understand something. These newest youtube videos are a big relief. The people playing both love the fun teamwork aspect *and* can figure everything out. The difficulty curve seems pretty good too. I get the feeling a lot of youtubers will enjoy making videos of BF or Die because of the natural reactions people have while playing.

Here’s a playlist of recent videos.

Update 0010: Saturday at i53, Insomnia Gaming Festival

15th December 2014

Here’s a dev diary vid from the Saturday of i53. Once again it was really nice to see a wide range of people having a good time and getting into the teamwork aspect. A few times some younger people sat down to play while their parents were going to stand and watch. I always try and get the parents to play too. Often they end up enjoying it just as much as the kids. One dad in particular who you’ll see in the vid was loving that it’s a game he could understand, enjoy, and play with his son as a team. Although at first he didn’t want to play, hearing his feedback afterwards was great. BFF or Die is a game that aims to bring people together so I was liking how much that came across to him.

Update 009: Friday at i53, Insomnia Gaming Festival

30th November 2014

I took the latest build to i53 in Coventry, England. The video below is from the Friday. It was great to see people having so much fun with the new levels. There are now more puzzle levels and some which a are a mix of puzzle and action. It’s also nice to see that a wide variety of people enjoy playing. I’m often seeing funny reactions as people play so it should make for a a good “Let’s Play” game on youtube. If you have a favorite youtuber gamer, ask them to download BFF or Die and play it in a 3 or 4 player mode for maximum laughs..!

Update 008: We Released the Demo…!

8th November 2014

The demo is now available to download on PC, Mac or Linux! From the link above you can either download for free or choose an amount to pay. We’re still making this in our spare time so we’d appreciate the support if you enjoy playing BFF or Die. The video below is a compilation of player reactions from the various events we took the game to. This includes London Indies, Radius Festival and Insomnia Gaming Festival.

Update 007: Insomnia 52

28th August 2014

Insomnia is the biggest gaming festival in the UK. We were invited to be part of the Indie Zone with BFF or Die so I took it there for the full 3 days of the festival. This is the first time I’d seen a large number of teens, kids and families play it. Before now I’d done a lot of play testing but mostly at developer events. It was great to see so many gamers having a lot of fun with the game and really getting into the team work aspect. You’ll see from the video that there were a lot of laughs, surprises and strategy discussions. It was a really good event with about 40 games in the Indie Zone alone, not to mention the big budget games, LAN parties and other game themed events. I’d definitely recommend going to the next one if you’re a gamer or developer.

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  1. tele says:

    – Instructions on how to compile thin inside Linux please.
    – I hope finish game will be also portable game like
    SuperTuxKart , Xonotic , and other games , and for example firefox.
    1. I don’t like looking dependencies inside many Linux distribution.
    2. I don’t like errors when dependencies have other version.

    If I will teest new version binary may not work for my PCLinuxOS because,
    we use old glibc, but when will update game should work.
    If I will try compile game, game should work also,
    however first I need know how I can compile game.

  2. Chris says:

    If you put this on Xbox One, I’ll buy it … Perfect to entice the wife into playing on the Xbox with me 😉

    • Honey Tribe Studios says:

      Glad to hear it 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get BFF or Die on all 3 consoles when it’s finished..!

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