BFF Or Die: Makes you feel good about your teammates

Release date: TBA

Current stage: Alpha demo


This is our newest work-in-progress game. This time I’ve teamed up with programmer Andrzej Zacher and artist Alex Baynazarov. We have formed a new company called ASA Studio to release the game.

Funded by the UK Games Fund !!!

*****Winner of Best Multiplayer award in GameOn 2.0*****

Finalist in the Develop Indie Showcase \o/

Featured by Intel at PAX West 🙂

Passed Steam Greenlight in one week..!

Featured on the Square Enix Collective 🙂


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Download the demo from: Game Jolt | Indie DB | Itch


BFF or Die is an award winning tactical-action-puzzler for up to 4 players. When four alien flunkouts from the Intergalactic Time Academy go joyriding in a faulty ChronoCrosser, they soon find themselves trapped in Ancient Egypt, with nothing to defend themselves but cunning, cooperation and camaraderie!

To avoid the dangers that lurk in the labyrinths all players need to work together! Each member of the team controls a different ability – lights, decoys, teleportation and more; teammates must combine their skills strategically if they’re going to escape alive!

Fun for one, funner for four. It’s the ultimate buddy cop movie! It’s no child left behind. It’s… BFF or Die!


Update 0025: Funded by the UK Games Fund

UK Games Fund


We had some great news recently. The UK Games Fund will be supporting our development of BFF or Die! This is a really great boost for us. We are now planning to release the ultra shiny new version we are working on later this year on Steam Early Access. We also formed a new company called ASA Studio to release it through. Much hard work and fun times awaits…! Few more details in this post.

Update 0024: Thanks for the support!

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive 🙂 It’s really uplifiting to see how much everyone wanted to help us get BFF or Die finished and released. In these last few hours of our Kickstarter we’ve seen a lot of people upgrade their pledges and post about the game on Twitter and Facebook.

Unfortunately we didn’t reach our funding goal. A lot of people love the game once they find it and play it, we just didn’t get enough people to know about this Kickstarter page. Marketing and PR is tough.

We’ll have to figure out how we can keep going with the game. We will re-evaluate things and try and find a funding solution. It may be another Kickstarter or something different entirely. For now we don’t know but when we do, we’ll keep you up to date with any plans.

We have a community list you can join to make sure you catch any updates here.

We will be in touch 🙂

Thank you again, we appreciate all your support and kind words!

Update 0023: Kickstarter is live!

Support us on Kickstarter :)

Support us on Kickstarter 🙂

BFF or Die is live on Kickstarter..! GO GO GO!

As you know we’ve been working on this game for a long time, almost two and a half years now. It’s time to get enough funding so we can finish and release with all the content it deserves.

Head over to our Kickstarter page, back us and chose which reward you want 🙂

Update 0022: 3D Printed Mini Figures Preview

3d printed characters preview

3d Printed Characters Preview

We’re planning a kickstarter campaign for BFF or Die in the summer . This will help us to finish the game and add big features like online multiplayer. We’ve been discussing what kind of rewards would be cool to add so the people who back us can get something really good. We’ve decided to get mini figures made of our characters. We’re still finding out all the options, whether we will 3d print or go the more traditional route. The image is a work-in-progress look at the first figure. The final version is likely to be different but this gives you an idea of what is to come.

For more details on upcoming features in the game you can head over to our page on the Square Enix Collective. Voting is open for two more weeks so make sure you vote ‘yes’ for us 🙂

Update 0021: The Square Enix Collective

16th May 2016


From today BFF or Die is being featured on the Square Enix Collective for thirty days. During this time peeps can leave feedback and also vote yes or no to the question “Would you back this project through crowdfunding?

This doesn’t mean Square Enix are publishing BFF or Die but it’s great opportunity to have more gamers know about the game. It will also help us in the Kickstarter campaign we are planning for later this year. It’s all well and good making a fun and original game, but if nobody knows about it, the campaign will never take off…!

Please do take a look at our page there, leave some positive feedback and votes ‘yes’ 🙂 Also tell yer mates to do the same! Depending on the response games get there, Square Enix sometimes help out with promotion when the time comes for the Kickstarter campaign in the summer.

As always, we appreciate your support!

Update 0020: Passed Greenlight in a Week..!

22nd March 2016

Glad to say Greenlight went well. BFF or Die has now been approved by Valve which means we have permission to sell it on Steam. Things went quicker than expected and we got the email saying we’d passed after a week. Thanks to all who voted for us and left nice comments 🙂

We’re now planning our next steps so that we can push the game closer to release..!

BFF on Greenlight

Update 0019: Greenlight and PC Gamer Weekender

1st March 2016

We put the game on Steam Greenlight. Stop what you are doing and go vote for it now..! 🙂 Here’s a nice trailer we made to help with promoting the campaign. Seems liek it;s going we; based on the comments and number of votes but we’ll still probably need more before we’ll be accepted. Tell ya friends about it and get them to vote..!

We also took the latest build to the PC Gamer Weekender which was sponsored by Sega. As always, it was fun but tiring. Prob didn’t help that I only got about 3 hours sleep as I was up late finishing the music for the trailer. Didn’t matter though, it’s always energising being at events and seeing people having fun with our little game.

Our stand at the Pc Gamer Weekender

3 player fun

"Over there"

Update 0018: Camera Fun

19th Nov 2015

Making a 3D game is more complicated than the older 2D games I worked on. On the plus side though, I can have fun with camera angles and make nice promo screenshots 😀

BFF or Die screenshot

Run faster!

BFF or Die screenshot


bff or die screenshot

Ok no thanks, bye!

bff or die screenshot

Don’t let down your friends..!

Update 0017: Version 0.22.1

13th Nov 2015

An update is out with a few changes and fixes. Details are:

Bug fix: Using multiple control pads at the same time now work as they should.
Levels 2 and 5 adjusted to be a bit more fun.
Extra visual feedback on wall changes
Lev 10: bug fix on tutorial pop up in multiplayer.

Update 0016: Version 0.22 is out!

30th Oct 2015

Alpha version 0.22 is out! The screenshots are below which show the shiny new graphics we’ve added. For the moment it’s still free and you can get it via the link is above. It has a 1-player version but you’ll probably have more fun if you can get a friend or group of friends to play with you.

Update 0015: New Graphics and Unity 5

18th Oct 2015

We nearly have a new version ready and it has some shiny new graphics. You can see some preview screenshots below. Alex completely redrew the textures for the Egypt levels in a much cleaner and brighter style. We recently updated the game engine to Unity 5. This allows to add new kinds of visual effects and later down the road will help with tackling online multiplayer.

It feels like we have our art style finalized now. There are lots of changes still to happen, like having 4 different characters, but the overall style feels great now and is consistent  across the entire game. Reaction has been very positive so far, the developer friends we’ve showed it to all agree we’re heading in the right direction. What do you think?





Update 0014: Alpha Version 0.21

29th July 2015

v0.21 is out! It has *loads* of changes. A full (ish) list is below. Go get it from and enjoy it with some friends… or by yourself as it includes the first iteration of 1-player mode 🙂

Zap! A screenshot from v0.21

Zap! A screenshot from v0.21


Character animations. No more ‘T-poses’..!
First iteration of 1-player mode.
New visual effects.
Shiny new 3d menu 🙂
Now 35 levels.
Levels 3, 4, 13, 14, 33 & 34 are new.
Existing levels have been modified and/or rearranged.
Learning curve is improved.
Bug fix: Dead players can’t revive each other.
Teleport drone controls adjusted. Yes, again. Now easier to fly.
Grabber adjusted. Easier to pick up.
Adjusted difficulty curve.
Various changes/fixes.

Update 0013: Fan Art & New Version Coming

12th July 2015

We’ve been making *a lot* of changes for the upcoming alpha version 0.21. You can expect… character animation! No more T-poses 🙂 As well as various visual effects, more levels and a lot of other changes and fixes. Should be out quite soon..!

We took a recent build to The London Anime & Gaming Con to see how people would react to some of those changes. Thanks to the organisers for taking good care of all the indie devs who took part.

Glad to say the new player feedback visuals are working out great. These are the details which make it easier for people to understand the gameplay. An example being target animations that appear around any monster you can zap. Sometimes new players didn’t realise you can only zap hazards who are inside the light beam range and when you have enough power. The targets make it really clear to everyone.

As with past events a lot of the people who sat down to play had a really good time and loved the teamwork aspect. One person in particular was inspired to make a hand drawn adaptation of our alien characters. It was a really nice surprise to read their email and see the first fan art I’ve seen for BFF or Die. The image is below and you can see more of the creator’s artwork on deviant art. I love how the creator added their own perception to our gender neutral aliens and made one of them female.




The first fan art I've seen for BFF or Die!

The first fan art I’ve seen for BFF or Die!

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  1. tele says:

    – Instructions on how to compile thin inside Linux please.
    – I hope finish game will be also portable game like
    SuperTuxKart , Xonotic , and other games , and for example firefox.
    1. I don’t like looking dependencies inside many Linux distribution.
    2. I don’t like errors when dependencies have other version.

    If I will teest new version binary may not work for my PCLinuxOS because,
    we use old glibc, but when will update game should work.
    If I will try compile game, game should work also,
    however first I need know how I can compile game.

  2. Chris says:

    If you put this on Xbox One, I’ll buy it … Perfect to entice the wife into playing on the Xbox with me 😉

    • Honey Tribe Studios says:

      Glad to hear it 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get BFF or Die on all 3 consoles when it’s finished..!

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