Frenzy Pop – Platform Game for iPhone and iPad

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Frenzy Pop for iPhone & iPad

Frenzy Pop for iPhone & iPad

Frenzy Pop by Al4red Games is out now for iPhone and iPad! It’s a frantic platform game similar to Super Meat Boy. It’s a fun game and the most enjoyable parts are the ‘Indiana Jones’ moments. You’ll have boulders and spikes falling on you or chasing you and you have to duck and dive your way out of trouble at high speed.

It has the controls you’d expect –  jumping, double jumping and wall jumping. But you can also roll into a ball and you have a ‘pop power’ ability where Mr.Pop turns upside down and flies his way out of danger.

The extra moves combined with the level design makes for fun gameplay which will have you feeling like a platforming hero when you get through a tricky level perfectly.

We made the music for Frenzy Pop here at Honey Tribe Studios so make sure you play with headphones so you can appreciate all the wholesome melodic goodness!

It’s out now for iPhone:

Frenzy Pop - S A Zahir

And there’s an HD version for iPad too:

Frenzy Pop HD - S A Zahir

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