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Honey Tribe Colony Collapse

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse

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Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse has now been downloaded more than 90,000 times!

In the real world honey bees have been dying and honey bee colonies disappearing all over the globe. With the help of Doc Bloom, Phoebee and your other friends from the Honey Tribe uncover the mysteries of colony collapse disorder.

With a blend of fact and fiction Honey tribe: Colony Collapse is an enjoyable game for iOS that also teaches about bees and their significance to the planet.

“The endearing hand drawn nature of the graphics is a particular shining light to the whole thing making it a touch above the rest in the endless running genre.” 4/5 – 148apps.com 

“If you’re a nature lover, or simply a lover of well-executed games, Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse is worth checking out. Download it today.” 4.5/5 – AppAdvice.com 

“It’s rare to find a game with such a strong ecological message as Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse…Honey Tribe is not only a remarkably endearing little game, but it’s also incredibly addictive.” Silver Award 8/10 – Pocket Gamer 

“But the brilliance of this game is that it raises awareness of a real-world problem…This is a good game that’s also doing some good.” 4/5 – TouchReviews.net 

“Honey Tribe is the definition of a good casual game” – iLounge.com 

All the worker bees are ill! If nobody can go out to collect the nectar there won’t be any honey to feed the brood. The hive won’t survive the winter! Help Corbee to venture out into the forest and collect enough nectar to keep the hive alive. It’s been his dream to go out exploring but the real thing might be scarier than he imagined…!

Easy to pick up, hard to put down gameplay. Simple tap-to-fly controls. Watch out for all the predators, there’s a lot of things out there that want to eat you! Feel the wind rush past you as you hit max speed and skilfully fly past everything that tries to get in your way.

Featuring beautiful hand drawn art and atmospheric, event-based music that is always changing as you play.

Collect all the dandelion pieces and discover nature’s secrets. Finish the story mode perfectly to get the the gold trophies.

See how far and fast you can go on endless mode. Can you beat your friends’ best distance?

The fate of the Honey Tribe is in your hands now!

The best bee game you’ll ever play. Until part 2 comes out.

Most anticipated iphone game of 2011*

Nominated for best art in a mobile game**

100% good!

*according to the game designer.

** as voted by Guy  in his imaginary awards ceremony.


Shaz Yousaf: Game design & music

Guy Jones: Art

Additional sounds/textures by: reinsamba, BristolStories, BernzSed, kerri_eagle, hellkt, abinadimeza and borealnz