Ashley Ao – Anime Inspired Sci-Fi Action Game

Ashley Ao


Release Date: TBA


Ashley Ao is an awesome action/adventure game for iOS, Android and Mac. Set in an original sci-fi setting Ashley Ao takes influence from classic arcade games and anime.

Beautiful visuals, crunching sound effects and rousing music. An engaging and intriguing main character. Exciting power ups and abilities. A great gaming experience. This is what Ashley Ao is all about.

The Story

Ashley has been hired by the dominant species in the universe. A cartel that is technologically and financially superior to anyone else. They profit from terraforming lifeless planets and selling them on to other wealthy species for colonisation. In return for this they trade technology, resources and long term mining agreements.

The buyers are indebted to the cartel for centuries and this is how the cartel have maintained their position of wealth. Buyers who try to renege on a contract are swiftly and severely punished.

In this game Ashley arrives on a newly terraformed planet to find that not everything has been going as planned for the colonisers. As the game progresses she uncovers the history of the planet and she must decide what action to take.

Ashley’s motives are not clear from the start. Is she a simply a cold and ruthless mercenary or does she have another agenda?

The Gameplay

Runner Levels

We want the player to enjoy the feeling of running through beautiful, scrolling, anime-style environments. You must react to the creatures and obstacles in time and collect the resources which will make Ashley more powerful. In these sections Ashley is auto-running. You control her with swipes to change lanes and two onscreen buttons to attack and jump.

Strange creatures are all running to the same destination and Ashley must overtake or neutralise them before they get there. As the game progresses and the story unfolds you will find out what these creatures are, where they came from and what they are running to. Why do they all carry those ancient looking stones?

Jumps and attacks are executed by single, double and triple taps. The controls are designed to be easy to pick up for beginners. Players who can master the timings will be rewarded with a points system of chain-combos.

As the game progresses Ashley will unlock special abilities which are also tied to the story. This is where things get interesting! Hyper-boosting through a wave of creatures and seeing them explode into particles is one of the ways you’ll feel like an anime hero on a perilous mission.

Boss Levels

In these sections platforming is added to the mix and you can freely move left and right. Now it’s really time to see Ashley in action! With the responsive controls you’ll be able to navigate around the battle arenas with speed and agility. You’ll feel like a martial arts super star as you pull out attack combos and fend off creatures from all directions.

You’ll be confronted by epic bosses who will send waves of smaller creatures to attack you before moving in for the kill. However not all is as it seems. The bosses are not typical aggressors. They are not attacking you just because they are ‘bad guys’. But we don’t want to give away everything about the story just yet…!