Learning is Easier When You Already Care

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I’m sure many of us can remember times at work or school when we struggled to learn whatever it was that the teacher/trainer wanted us to learn. Perhaps not because the topic itself was inherently difficult. Instead the difficulty was in the motivation; because we didn’t care about the topic it was really hard to fully engage and understand.

The video below highlights that games have a great opportunity to encourage learning. The player, whether they are 50 years old or 8 years old  will probably care about their gaming experience once they have invested a couple of hours in it. By that stage they have decided the game is good and worthy of their attention.

Now that the player is absorbed in the game world the game designers can integrate learning experiences into the game that the player is free to explore. Or not – they key is that the player makes the choices based on their interests. This could be done in all kind of ways. Hopefully next month we’ll have Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse finished so can show you a good example!

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