Gaming Can Make A Better World

Jane McGonigal

Jane McGonigal

Here are two interesting TED talks by game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal. She’s an inspiring talker and it’s impossible not to be affected by her enthusiasm. In both videos she presents a case that says gaming has the potential to make real and positive changes to individuals and more widely in in our societies.

I won’t say I agree with every individual point she raises. But I definitely agree with the overall sentiment. As Peter Molyneux pointed out, pretty soon almost every human on the planet will be be playing video games in one form or another. That in itself makes gaming a more powerful medium than ever.

Right now the art/entertainment form of games is very young. So over the coming decades I’m sure we’ll see some fascinating and intelligent games appear that may well help to change how people perceive and understand the world.

Something interesting may even come from our good selves here at Honey Tribe Studios! Our next game does something that games do not often do; it communicates an opinion, using humour and gameplay to criticize some aspects of how we live in the modern world.

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