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BFF or Die

You have two choices. Help each other. Or die. This is BFF or Die, co-op stealth-puzzle-action in a maze! Demo available on PC, Mac or Linux.


Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians

Yam Yam

Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians on iPhone & iPad

Yam Yam on Android

Yam Yam for Kindle Fire



Life was happy and peaceful for the Lifelings of Yam Yam Forest… Then one night the Darklings showed up. Fear spread and life got all messed up. Help the Lifelings to get home before nightfall. If you don’t… the Darklings will take them away!


Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse on iPhone

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse on Android

Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse for Kindle Fire



“It’s rare to find a game with such a strong ecological message as Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse…Honey Tribe is not only a remarkably endearing little game, but it’s also incredibly addictive.” 8/10 – Pocket Gamer

SantaRama: Christmas Mania

SantaRama: Christmas Mania

SantaRama on the App StoreHoney Tribe: Colony Collapse on Android



The kids have been hypnotized by Santa’s ads! Only you can save them! Tap them to distract them and set them free.

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom

McBank Icon

McBank on the App StoreMcBank on Android

McBank for Kindle Fire



What is more important to you? Money. Or Freedom?

Designed to encourage thought, McBank is a solid puzzle game that feels like an adventure game.


Salamanda EP1: Music + Visual

Salamanda EP1

Salamanda EP1 on the App Store

Salamanda EP1 on Google Play




Salamanda EP1 is an experimental music app blending art, music and gaming. This app represents a new way of experiencing music.


Ashley Ao

Ashley Ao

Coming Soon?

Ashley Ao is an awesome action/adventure game for iOS, Android and Mac. With an original sci-fi setting Ashley Ao takes influence from classic arcade games and anime. Release date: TBA