Music for Video Games – Original Game Music

I can make original music for your games and apps. Whether you need just one music track to loop in your mobile game, or a more fully fleshed dynamic soundtrack for a desktop/console game – I’ll be happy to help. I can create music in a variety of styles and moods to suit many different game atmospheres.

Some recent examples of our game music can be found in the videos below. If you’d like to talk to me about creating some original music for your game you can email me.

If you prefer to use affordable stock music then you can preview my royalty free game music packs here.

Title: Ashley Ao

Platform: iOS/Android/Mac

Developer: Honey Tribe Studios

Audio Provided: Music for one of the preview trailers for our upcoming sci-fi action/adventure game Ashley Ao.


Title: Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse

Platform: iOS/Android

Developer: Honey Tribe Studios

Audio Provided: A dynamic soundtrack which integrates the music and sound effects with the gameplay in our debut game.

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Title: Currently Un-named

Platform: Wii U

Developer: Crystalline Green

Audio Provided: A music track sound effects for the Autumn level of this motion controller racer with abstract visuals. For a young audience aged 7-12.


Title: Yam Yam: Puzzle Guardians

Platform: iOS/Android

Developer: Honey Tribe Studios

Audio Provided: Music and sound effects for our colourful and trippy game Yam Yam. A cute, happy and ‘relaxed walking-pace’ feel.

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Title: Sector Zero

Platforms: iOS, Android, Mac (Unreleased)

Developer: Creashock Studios

Audio Provided: Boss music to create an atmosphere of tension and action in this sci-fi setting.

Client Feedback: “It was a pleasure to work with Shaz on the music. He understood what we were trying to achieve, and was able to translate that into the final music piece. He has a knack for creating game music that fit the style and personality of a game, and indie developers would be lucky to work with him.”


Title: Frenzy Pop

Platform: iOS

Developer: Al4red Games

Audio Provided: Intro theme, 3 world themes, boss theme and victory jingle.

Client Feedback: “We contacted Honey Tribe Studios as we needed music for our game Frenzy Pop. Working with them from the get go, we found they had a professional and responsible approach to getting our needs done. They were very flexible and created & modified the custom sound tracks as we wanted. They regularly kept us up to date with any progress giving advice along the way. As a result we were very happy with music that they made for us. We would be more then happy to work with Honey Tribe Studios in the future to help us with our music.”

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Title: Monetizing Children

Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux

Developers: Darren Grey, Freddie Fosh and Shaz Yousaf

Audio Provided: Comical theme song for our satirical entry to the MolyJam 2013 game jam and sound effects to compliment.


Title: Pufferfish Pile Up

Platform: iOS

Developer: Paul McRaelind

Audio Provided: Sound effects and one looping music track.

Client Feedback: “I have worked with Shaz a number of times and he is the most skilled, professional person I have dealt with. Shaz has provided original music for me as well as worked on/developed several of my games. His communication is top notch.”


Title: Little Miss Left Behind

Platform: PC (Kinect Controller Required)

Developers: Funstorm Games, Sarah Ford, Honey Tribe Studios

Audio Provided: Dynamic soundtrack to communicate the emotional themes of our entry in the Molyjam 2012 48 hour game jam.

Download here.


Title: McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom

Platform: iOS/Android

Developer: Honey Tribe Studios

Audio Provided: Music and sfx to fit the mood and pace of the game without being distracting. The puzzle gameplay requires concentration from the player so the music should blend in to the background, allowing the player to think about solving the puzzles.

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