Atmosphere Music Pack 1

Atmosphere Music, Pack 1Price: $20 On Sale $10

Music designed to add a layer of depth and immersion to your games. This pack contains an original track ‘Breezy’ and also alternate versions and various seamless loops.

The moods of the tracks vary and you can preview them below.

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BPM: 80

Formats: 1) Compressed M4A 128 kbps 2) Uncompressed WAV, 24 bit 48kHz

Download size: 223.3MB

Full track listing:

Breezy (piano version) 2m13s
Breezy (guitar version) 1m41s
Wishful 0m45s
Wishful (No drums) 0m45s
Wishful (Short loop) 0m09s
The Journey 0m36s
The Journey (No Drums) 0m36s
The Journey (Short Loop) 0m09s
Shadows Approach 1m21s
Shadows Approach (No drums) 1m21s
A Touch of Magic 1m03

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