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Below is a selection of my music packs designed for use in video games and apps. Once purchased you are free to use the tracks in any commercial video game or app. If you want me to make you some original game music just get in touch via email.

Music LibrarymegaPack_200x200$60  On Sale $40

This is a *massive* music collection of 102 of my tracks, clips and loops. There is a wide variety of style and mood. Great for indie game devs who need a cost effective music solution. It’s also useful for having different styles at hand so you can add them to your demos and figure out what moods suit the gameplay. It contains all the tracks from music packs 1,2,3,4 & 5 and many more!

The tracks tend to be original sounding and unique rather than sound like generic styles. There are 55 music tracks and 47 clips/loops.

Also available from the Unity Asset Store



Action & Drama, Pack 5$20 On Sale $10

This pack has 5 tracks which are perfect for action and drama. Cool breakbeat drums, dramtic strings, chugging guitars, electro keyboards and even some exotic sounding vocals. Good for in-game music and menus too.



Casual and Platformer Music, Pack 3Casual & Platformer Music, Pack 3$20 On Sale $10

This pack has 9 charming and melodic tracks suitable for casual and platformer games. They all loop seamlessly. The moods are varied and will fit slower paced games as well as fast action. There are tracks good for in game music and also intro themes and trailers.

There are also some short extracts included suitable for in-game events and buttons.



Atmosphere Music, Pack 1Atmosphere Music, Pack 1 – $20 On Sale $10

Music designed to add a layer of depth and emersion to your games. This pack contains an original track ‘Breezy’ and also alternate versions and seamless loops.

The moods of the tracks vary and you can preview them below.



Rock Music, Pack 2 – $20 On Sale $10

An original track ‘Turbo Drift’, 2 alternate versions ‘Fade Out’ and ‘V2′ and 18 seamless loops. An original track ‘Turbo Drift’, 2 alternate versions ‘Fade Out’ and ‘V2′ and 18 seamless loops. The recording has a very live feel to it – the guitar amps were cranked up on this one!


Industrial Metal, Pack 4Industrial Metal, Pack 4 $20 On Sale $10

This pack contains 3 stomping industrial metal tracks. Great for action games. All tracks loop seamlessly. You can preview the tracks in the player below. More details here.



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Use our music packs wisely! Make your outstanding video games and apps even more excellent. We’d appreciate a mention in the music credits too! (You don’t have to but it would be nice)

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End User Licence Agreement:

Naturally you agree not to resell any of our tracks on their own without being part of a game, app or other similar project or product. You also agree not to include them in any compilations or game template packs or similar products.