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Free Seeds Given out to Help Bees and Butterflies

The Co-operative Group has partnered with a UK national newspaper to give away 300,000 packets of wildflower seeds this year. The project is part of a wider goal to help address the decline in bee populations.

Over the last 100 years wildflower meadows have been removed to make room for cropland. With our huge demand for food products as much as 97% of UK wildflower meadows may have been lost since 1930. The project hopes to promote the seeding of wildflowers which will help wildlife such as bees and butterflies.

Wildflowers provide a nectar-rich feeding ground for pollinators. The variety of pollen and nectar available to bees makes a difference to their health and survival. This is one of the themes explored in our upcoming iphone game Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse.

Author: Shaz

Image: Dan

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